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Paper Cup Making Machine - Unique 210

Paper Cup Making Machine - Unique 210


Unique Fluid control is Manufacturer of Paper Cup Making Machine in India. A paper cup is a solitary use cup produced from paper and to keep the entry of fluid from a paper cup, it's normally covered with plastic or wax. Paper cups are made from reused paper and have different uses the world over . In a wide scope of customs and social classes their principle use is to extinguish thirst. Paper cups have diverse particular appearances, sizes and structures with each sort of configuration having an expected reason contingent upon the kind of fluid they hold and on events they are utilized


Cup Size 40 MI - 210 MI
Bottom Size  36 MM - 52.5 MM
Production Capacity / Min 45 - 50 Cups
Paper Thickness 170 - 270 GSM
Electricl Supply Single & Three Phase
Power Consumption 3.5 Kw
MachineWeight 1.5 Tons
Operating Mode  Auto / Manual
Machine Dimension 2150 x 1250 x 1300 MM (lxwxh)
Automation Controls PLC
Numbers Of Sensors 4 Sensors
Paper requirment Single Side Pe Coated


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